Sunday, January 31, 2016

New Year, New Mini Mania Challenge #11

Hmm...what to do for the Mini Mania Challenge?
 Had some scraps.
Leftovers from this quilt. 
 Which was in this book.
Challenge 11 was to make a sampler....with nine blocks.
So I did....eight around the border and one big one in the middle.
 A bit of hand quilting with perle cotton to finish.
I love the stripe stems....and everything else about it! 
So glad I get to keep it!

In the meantime we had a Blizzard...
...a really big Blizzard with over 30+ inches of snow.
 There was loads of time to do some English paper piecing.  The Glorious Hexagon quilt pack #1!
Of course that was after we did some shoveling!!


Friday, January 8, 2016

It's been a month!

You know how it goes...December is just plain busy...
(our girl is one of 259 low brass performers!)
... busy enjoying Tuba Christmas at the Baltimore Harbor....
....busy decorating a wee twisted tree....picea pendula or weeping Norway spruce. 
Now we need to plant it!
 Busy making infinity scarves.
Busy making a tablerunner for our Mechanical Engineering studying Nephew. 
Euler's Identity....the most beautiful equation...or so I'm told!
 The back is travel fabric for his International Studies roomie at Johns Hopkins University.
Didn't trim very well around the "e"!!
 Busy making a present for hubby in dad-in-law...with the help of my dad and bro!

The tools belonged to 
dad-in-law's pop and brother.

They are attached with rubber-coated twisty ties for easy release and usage. 
 Busy ordering awesome necklaces from The Creaking for the girl....
....and one for me! 
Busy being introduced to Finn and Rey....
....and getting our geek on!:)
Tons of other things have happened but this post would be too long.
Now I need to get busy making a new cover for my ironing hubby doesn't think the house is burning every time the iron is plugged in!:o
Happy New Year!


Thursday, December 10, 2015

Last Angled Frames Finito!

A bright 4th finish of the 4th quarter.
 The last of the Angled Frames tops I made to show all the different ways to use the pattern.
 Used "A Stitch in Color" by Malka Dubrawsky.
 Crazy brightness at work!
(Same tree showing off the two sides!:)
Also made a wee tree skirt for a young lady in's whizzing it's way over there right now!
Onto some more WIPs....but first I'll enjoy the unseasonable warm weather!


Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Huge Courthouse Steps

 Wishing the weather was like this.  It's been raining for the last four days so snuggly hand quilting is greatly appreciated!
 Used Anna Griffin's Honoka...
 ....burgundys up two sides and greys on the other two for a huge Courthouse Steps block.
 Leftovers round the edges.  Boy I miss that sunshine!
 Size 8 perle cotton chunkiness.  The quilting goes so fast with big thread and big needle!
 This is earmarked for a special friend's daughter who is buying her first home. 
 Guess I need to make a special label!:)
Happy December 1st!:)


Monday, November 30, 2015

Mini Mania Challenge #10 Churndash

November's Challenge was nine Churndash blocks in whatever color you wanted finishing at twenty inches.  Well....I'm not very good at math.
I only needed 36 half square tringles, 4 for each block, to make the churndash.  I made 72!
I also didn't follow directions and finished at 20"x 24".
I think I will be forgiven.  I hope!
The reason for the bigger finish...
... four leftover glitter blocks from my Medley of Jen (Kingwell) quilt that I wanted to use!
 So....four churndash on top....four churchdash on the bottom....and one huge one around the glitter!:)
 A little bit of canvas on the back with another envelope opening....
     ...a new pillow for our bed....yep...this one is staying home!
Looking forward to the next challenge....especially since the due date is end of January!
Guess I need to do something with the other 36 blocks!
 Bought myself an early Christmas present and memory of the Houston Quilt awesome bearpaw block from the Classic Metal Company.  Now to figure out where to hang it!
Now on to the next finish!  
Hope you all had an awesome Thanksgiving....or just an awesome day!:)


Friday, November 27, 2015

Steampunk Challenge

Saw this at BadAss Quilter's Society and got sucked in!
To enter make anything with quilty goodness.  No problem!
 Use every fabric in your project. Um...ok.
 Steampunk it up....metal zippers and real rusty bike gears...check!
Four pockets on one side of lining, zippy pocket with secret pocket on the other side.
Really don't want to cut those zipper ends off.... I won't!:)
 This can be totally....
 But why hide all this bike gear fun?:)
Bike gear and felt flower fun!
 Junk in the truck photo shot....very Steampunk!
Loads of pockets...
 and loops
Steampunk goodness...I hope!:)

Steampunk Challenge voting here...starting December 1st...if you want!:)