Sunday, August 17, 2014

4th Finish and some decisions

 Finally done.  Fourth finish of the third quarter Finish Along 2014.
 It's been almost four years exactly since I pieced this top for Round 7 at Old Red Barn Co. Quilt Along!  I think it is glad to be out of the closet!
My pal and co-worker Kathleen did a bang up job with the quilting!
 No way this puppy is ever leaving our house!!
We have gone through a lot of colors thinking about what to paint the house. 
It is already Nantucket Grey but needs refreshing.
 Green was my idea but the kids said we are surrounded by green in nature.  
Yellow... but the farmhouse in front of us is yellow.
From out of no where...purple. Ooooh!:)  So many different purples!  But it was finally narrowed down to the five paint samples clipped in the middle.

If we are doing purple then we are DOING purple!
I know which one is the winner!!;)
The real winner this weekend was our niece. 
Hubby, his sister, our girl and myself helped her move into a new apartment. 
One truck, one car, one load! 
We Rocked it!!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Three Summers in a Row!

 As you could tell from the Fat Quarterly Retreat post I was in the UK with the girl. 
 After the FQ weekend the fun didn't stop there!
 Marguerite took me to the Victoria and Albert Museum for lunch before she head home. 
The girl met me there and soon we were off to Oxford. 
In OX the girl stayed with her friends...
...and I got to stay at Magdalen College!!  View from the room...the River Cherwell and Magdalen Bridge!
 I also stayed with one of the girl's friends and her family but neglected to take a photo! 
Thanks so much Jane and gang!!

 Keeping the fun going was another meet up with my buddies Jo and Mr. D! He was so kind to humor us with a visit to a couple yarn shops and the sneaky Jo left me a little present in my room!
We tromped all around Oxford and Jo pointed out how funny it was that an American was showing them around!:)  Later we met up with the girl and her friends and the most generous and lovely Mr and Mrs treated us to lunch at Turl Street Kitchen!  So yummy! Thanks pals!! xo
 Tuesday we visited The Story Museum so we could see the current exhibit 26 Characters.  I thought it was going to just be photos of 26 famous UK authors dressed as their favorite storybook character but it was much more. Each room is decorated to fit the theme of the storybooks they came from with loads of interaction.  If you get to OX before November go visit....quickly!!

 There is even a talking throne!!:)
(Christ Church's Tom Tower in the background!)
 So many exciting things are happening at The Story Museum. No wonder the girl misses working there!
 View east up High Street from Carfax Tower.  We had gorgeous weather the whole time!
 View from the steps at the Ashmolean Museum.
Took a train ride to Stratford -upon-Avon.  Flowers are everywhere! Alex (in the skirt) used to live and work there so we had a great tour guide.
This is where she worked...the Royal Shakespeare Theatre!:)  
She now works at The Story Museum...still a lucky girl!
 We cruised through the swans on the Avon and had our one an only rain of the trip...a whole five minutes of rain!
 There was a lot of eating....
(Joseph Marcell as King Lear!)
 ....Royal Shakespeare Company production of King Lear in the Bodleian Library Courtyard....
...and ice cream, ice cream, ice cream with most of the roommates the girl had (minus 2) in the 3 1/2 years she lived in Oxford.  Such a wonderful group of friends!
Many other adventures were had but on the day we were to head back home we rushed for one last visit to the V & A...

...I really wanted to see Joey the Horse...the most amazing puppet ever made.  She thinks so too!
Our visit was too brief...but I missed hubby!:)
Thanks for taking me girl! xo

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

I made a gear...and quilted a waistcoat!

A vest really but it was made for someone in England so we'll call it a waistcoat!
Third finish of third quarter Finish Along 2014....Yeah!!

Mom....can you make a vest for a friend?
Can you quilt it?
Can you put a gear on it?
Can you put a pocket inside?
Can you put a Christmas tree with a star on it like I made for the tree at The Story Museum?
Why yes daughter...yes I can.
Found a gear drawing online.
Did a bit of paper piecing.
 A little basting.
Appliqued a few circles and a gear is made.
 Free pieced a tree and embroidered the star.  Found a pattern and some fabric she approved.
Stitched, appliqued....
Quilted and buttonholed.
 A quilted vest for her friend....creator of The Story Loom...a very Steampunk kinda friend!:)
The girl found the perfect pewter buttons.
It was well received thank heavens!!
ps...I promise the front is quilted with wavy vertical lines. 
No matter how I tried I could not make the quilting show up in a photo!

2nd Finish 3rd Quarter Finish Along....

Gotta be quick...the internet is working for the moment...gotta jump on it while the signal is hot!

Long story short...I made this dress for the girl two October's ago to wear to a wedding....I took a short cut and didn't put in the zipper figuring it would just slip over her head and I just couldn't wrap my head around the directions for the side zipper...even with pattern photos I just wasn't getting it.
 It would not slip over. 
Crap.....out came the scissors and cringing I cut it down the back!  Luckily I had extra fabric and some buttons but it hung forgotten (on purpose) in the closet.  Finish Along to the rescue!!
 Not wanting to deal with interfacings and linings and flanges and buttonholes I put in a zipper.  Not the right kind of zipper since it isn't invisible but....
...the girl loves it...and she can always wear a cardigan to hide it!
Done, done and done!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

FQ Retreat 2014....did it really happen?

Three weeks have gone by...we are back from our UK visit...internet is sort of fixed and I have photos so it must have happened!
(Large stack of Siblings Together quilts donated by all the lovely attendees!)
My second lucky chance to attend the FQ retreat was even better than I imagined it would be in my head during the long plane ride by myself!! 
Only doing Saturday classes I was very lucky to be in Thomas Knauer's Modern Knots session.  After we figured out how to draw our grids knotting was a cinch!  Thomas is my kinda guy...he talks with his hands!!
(My unfinished Knots piece and embroidery attempts)
Next class I neglected to take photos as Jo Avery was blowing my mind with the simplicity of embroidering what looks like very hard stitches!!  That's Jo's finished sample...I wanted to sneak it into my bag!! I learned so many useful stitches AND got to hang with my pal Jo. Bonus! Thanks sweetie!!
(photo borrowed from Lynne of Lily's Quilts and  FQ fame!:)
During the break everyone walked around oohing and aahing at all the cool makes.  I was very jealous of Trash's double pears!!:) Thanks for everything know what I mean!!;) xo
 Then there was Sample Swapping!  We made 3-5 like items and Trash put us in small groups for swapping.
This was my lovely group and what I received from each person.  I swapped mini Kaffe pouches with a few goodies inside.  Thanks so much Claire, Pippa and Joanne.  So lucky to be in your group!!:)
After lunch was my longest class...all afternoon...which was great because I spent it learning hand piecing and needle turn applique with the amazing Jen Kingwell. My pal Amy Smart (peeking over Sue's shoulder) was in the class too.  Double Bonus! We learned a ton!
We laughed a ton.
 We played a ton!
 Cameras were happy.
Could not believe I was able to see and touch the actual Green Tea and Sweet Beans and
the famous Gypsy Wife quilts in person.  Those I totally couldn't sneak into my bag!
(Jo, Jenny, Sarah and photobombing Trash!)
Sunday morning I was going to visit the Victoria and Albert museum but Jo said come sew with her on the terrace.  OK!!:) It was so nice to be able to spend several hours stitching and enjoying the company.
 Closing comments by the FQ Three were made outside because of a fire alarm at the Baden Powell Conference Center.  Made for much better photos!:)  
Thanks so much the the FQ gang and their helpers Sandy and the Jacks! 
(My buddy Marguerite gave me the fabrics I used for Jen Kingwell's class...thanks pal!!xo)

There it is...a fun filled weekend in London. 

Traveled on an airplane across the ocean alone. Check!
Got on and off the Tube at the right stop alone. Check!
Found the Baden Powell and got the last bed because they didn't have my reservation? Check!
Had the best time learning and chatting with old friends and new ones.....Double Check!!
ps...Trudi...thanks for the last minute FMQ lesson and rubbery pads...I'm working on it!!!!:)