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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Introducing....DA DA-DA DAAAA.....

a new young pattern designer....MAXIMILIAN QUILTS!! Yep, this is the same Max that swapped minis with me last year and now he's designing paper piece patterns....and he just turned NINE years old four days ago!!

(Part of my stash in the jelly cupboard!)
Isn't this dolphin just perfect?! I was going to give it to someone but I love it so much I'm going to keep it and put my favorite pins (brooches) on it!

What's even better is young Max is sharing his pattern with the WORLD!:) All you have to do is go visit him in flickrland and you can download the pattern for free!!:) Thanks so much ROCK! Can't wait to see what you design next...can I be one of your pattern testers? Please?!:) xoxo

Yes, I know it's been a long time since I blogged...thanks so much for sticking with me! Been doing a little of this and a little of that.
A little of this...a Mystery Quilt at work. Like the fabric we picked? I've done the first month's block and need to get brave and work on the next one...triangles...oh my! I'll post photos soon.

Here's a little of that... something I made with some scraps of David Butler's new line Curious Nature. I used some Bella solids and did a little hand stitching. Then I did a dumb thing. I washed it...cause I wanted it more crinkly...but I forgot to put a color catcher in the wash....needless to say there are a few dark spots on the light green border. Oh well, live and learn....and I was going to give it to someone but guess it's mine now!:)

I've also been bitten by the Zentangle bug! Here are a few Valentine's I made the really is a fun thing to do and having new patterns to doodle is more stuck in a rut with my stacked boxes doodle!:)

See the US and UK flags in this one?

I wonder if the girl noticed?!

One other little project I finished last week....

....a mat to put under Slate's bowls...Max and Whiskers...too cute!

I don't think Slate really noticed the change!:)


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Skull Appreciation and Mystery Quilt Revealed!

Ever been to the blog Skull-A-Day? No? Oh please go check it much fun! They are having a Skull Appreciation Day on June 4th in Richmond, VA and part of the festivities is an auction of wall hangings using 12" squares sent in by artist from all over the world....and me!:)
This was my inspiration....a couple of drawings James did a while back. The one on the right is an ACEO card and now lives in Scotland!

Here is my interpretation in cloth. I'm liking that diamond tooth!:) Go visit the blog and you can see some of the other squares that have been sent in....I hope they post photos of all the finished quilts.

Last week I finished the Mystery Quilt AND we sent out the final clue so I can finally show you what it looks like....

...scrappy browns, greys and ecru batiks....'s supposed to be a lap size but it must be for a giant lap because it is 60"x84"! Since it is soooo, sooo big I decided to treat myself and for the first time ever I had a coworker long-arm it for me!

The lovely Linda of A Design in Motion did a fantastic job!

The designer of the quilt itself is Jackie Robinson of Animas Quilts. Very well written...I mean come on....I was able to do it!;)

I was tickled when Carly asked me to be in charge of it for the shop and I sure hope she finds another one for us to do!

Here's the boy again...he and Hold Tight! are heading out on another tour starting May 31st in Pittsburgh, PA.... pop punk at it's best!

Love those tattoos....he is drawing one for ME!:)

Stay tuned!


Monday, August 30, 2010

Been a Busy Two Weeks!

Asterisk quilt top for Round 7 of the ORBC Quilt Along finished and waiting for winter for hand quilting. Too hot right now!
Ziplock baggie project to keep in my purse....1895 batiks...1 1/2" hexies.
Doll Quilt Swap 9 now living in it's new home in California.
Advent Calendar Swap....I had days nine and... twenty-one.
These two were the practice of course they are mine. My beading got much better on the others! They are 3.5" square.
Mystery quilt Clue 1...I made a mistake already. See that pile of 64 finished triangles in the middle? They look like the opened one below them....but they are supposed to look like the one on the left....hence the new pile of 128 triangles waiting to be sewn...but I just couldn't do it tonight!
Maria's graduation present..1 year 3 months late. At least she got it before going to the UK! That's an "M"....not a "W"!;)
Speaking of UK.....Maria's first purchase!
WVU colors!!
And still speaking of UK....present from coworker and pal Kerry at Webfabrics...I'm wearing them tomorrow!:) Thanks Kerry!

What we see driving down our dirt road...
...a deer and his gobbler pal!
I love the country!!